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Surrey, United Kingdom

Argentine Style BBQ “Parrilla”

Argentinian Style (Santa Maria) BBQs. Designed and handmade in Surrey, United Kingdom

Argentine Style BBQ “Parrilla”

Argentinian Style (Santa Maria) BBQs. Designed and handmade in Surrey, United Kingdom


Gonzalo (Gonzo) moved from South America to the UK in 2001 at the age of 28 with his wife and kids. With a passion for food and barbecuing, he began crafting Santa Maria style grills for friends and family who shared the same interest for outdoor cooking but never had the opportunity to get their hands on a real Argentinian grill. 

As barbecuing began to become more popular in 2016, Gonzo realised there was a gap in the market for a proper Santa Maria Parilla within the wider UK market. So, he began refining his designs and the first ByGonzo prototype was built. After a few years of careful deliberation, refinement and hard work the ‘Tierra Del Fuego’, ‘Barrios’ and ‘Pampas’ were ready for launch. 

In the first year of launch Gonzo crafted 27 Santa Maria Grills which were delivered all around the UK and even New Zealand for both personal and commercial use!


We have a real passion for cooking outdoors, enjoying the basic way of BBQing. Built to last and made to measure, our parrilla grills are like no other on the market.


Gonzo loves what he does and has a real passion for not only BBQing but also high quality craftsmanship. With more than 20 years of experience building pizza ovens and combustion systems Gonzalo has now applied his expertise to build “Parrilla Santa Maria” style BBQ grills.   


We manufacture using the highest quality food grade metal to ensure a great and lasting experience cooking outdoors.


The price range of our collection goes from £199.00 up to £1,299.00, much lower than the market norm while still maintaining the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.


Each BBQ has at least 40 metres of high quality, cut to measure metal. Assembled and handcrafted by Gonzo himself.


Our motto is “Attention to detail, built to last”. We spend at least 20 hours handcrafting each and every BBQ we build.


We apply 3 coats of high-temperature resistant paint to protect the metal from rust and corrosion and ensure your parilla is built to last.


Designed and built in the UK, 27 of our Argentinian ‘Santa Maria’ Style Grills were delivered globally in our first year of operation for use in both restaurants and gardens.


Gonzo is a true craftsman, he designs and hand builds every BBQ in Surrey, United Kingdom.

Argentinian style ‘parrilla’ grills, bespoke outdoor tables, burners & custom BBQ’s.

Cooking outdoors is a basic, natural way of enjoying food.

We build high quality equipment for home or commercial use.

ByGonzo specialises in building Argentinian ‘parrilla’ grills, more commonly known as Santa Maria grills.

Upon customer request, we can customise and tailor our BBQ’s to suit your needs.

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